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The International School for Canine Psychology & Behaviour Ltd

About Us - Why Choose The ISCP

The ISCP is considered to be one of the top distance learning education providers, and is accredited by several global bodies. We educate students of canine behaviour in the most up to date scientific methods, and we teach purely force-free methods for dog rehabilitation and training. Webinars, seminars, talks and workshops aim to increase your understanding and provide opportunities for face to face question and answer sessions. Some of our courses are also available as single module courses, and all are based on discoveries made through the latest scientific research and our team members' extensive experience of successfully working with many dogs from all breeds and backgrounds.

Dogs have been our helpmates and companions for many thousands of years, and their evolution has taken place alongside ours. They are hard-wired to bond with us, and have an extraordinary ability to understand our subtle signals and body language. Through the ISCP courses you will learn to ‘read’ dogs and to discover how and why dogs respond to humans, other animals and the environment.


The International School for Canine Psychology & Behaviour Ltd (ISCP)

The ISCP has a reputation for excellence, with students and graduates in over 60 countries whose work with dogs has enriched the lives of many people and their animal companions. The ISCP is a member of several reputable organisations, including UK Rural Skills, a not for profit company whose main purpose is to enrich rural communities by providing an accreditation and certification service through high quality, professionally delivered training. We are accredited by the Complementary Medical AssociationCPD Certification Service, and we're a preferred education provider for the Career Transition Partnership, which provides resettlement services for ex-service personnel.  We are a founder committee member of ICAN, the International Companion Animal Network, an umbrella body for purely force free organisations and education providers that sets and upholds high standards for its members. You can find lots of additional information on our FAQ page.


You will see these different terms being used throughout our website to describe the ISCP. For more information on each of these, please click on the link provided.

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The ISCP tutors and team

You can meet our principals, tutors and our support team here...


ISCP Worldwide

The ISCP distance learning courses courses are globally approved by several reputable accrediting bodies, so you can study from anywhere in the world.



ISCP Practitioners

These dog behaviour consultants are graduates of the ISCP who are working professionally with dogs and their caregivers, and with rescues and animal charities. You can find your local practitioners in our list of geographical areas.


The ISCP Association Of Canine Professionals

The ISCP Alumni are members of theISCP Association of Canine Professionals (ISCPACP). This is the accrediting arm of the ISCP, created to ensure that our members’ high standards continue after they have graduated from our courses. The ISCP has set up The ISCP Association of Canine Professionals for ISCP graduates who have achieved a merit or distinction on completion of their studies. These graduates can apply to become ISCP Alumni.


ISCP Centres & Practical Days

We currently have centres in England, Scotland, and Austria. These are run by ISCP tutors and graduates, and are open to ISCP members and to the public. Students can attend practical study days at the centers, and can arrange to shadow some tutors and graduates during behaviour and training sessions. Members of the public can attend workshops and courses at the centers.


ISCP Patrons

Our patrons are people who are prominent in the arts and sciences, and who support and promote the aims of the ISCP. They include authors, scientists, musicians and an Oscar winning screenwriter, as well as veterinary and nutrition companies.


ISCP Affiliates

Our affiliates are highly respected individual professionals and professional organisations who support the ethos and aims of the ISCP and who collaborate with the ISCP on projects and research. Our affiliates share their knowledge with our students and graduates, and are available to answer questions in their areas of expertise. Many of our affiliates have taught webinars to our students about their specialist subjects.



You can find out more on our FAQ page and read our Charter here…